Download data from a campaign management view

You can download data from the Search > Campaigns > Campaigns views except for the Keywords - Keyword Negatives, Placements - Placement Negatives, Audiences, and Extensions views. You can download either:

  • A report in XLSM (macro-enabled Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) format. If you select specific rows in the view, then the report includes one row for each selected row. If you don’t select any rows, then one row is created for each row in the view.

  • A bulksheet file in TXT format that includes all relevant child entities. If you select rows for entities on multiple ad networks, then one file is created for each relevant ad network. If you don’t select any rows, then one file is created for each ad network represented in the view. Bulksheet files generated for different ad networks include different data columns.

    If you generate data for multiple campaigns and the combined data consists of over 500,000 rows, then the data is further split by campaign into two or more files, as necessary, named <bulksheet name>_1.txt, <bulksheet name>_2.txt, and so on.

    Each bulksheet file in the Downloads panel is also listed on the Bulksheets view. When the file is created, you receive an email notification with a link from which you can download the file; depending on the amount of data being compiled, the notification may take several minutes or more. If, however, the file generation fails, then an error file is listed on the Bulksheets view, and you receive an email notification with a link to the error file. Deleting a bulksheet file from either the Download panel or the Bulksheets tab deletes it from both locations.

  1. (Optional) Select individual rows to include in the file.

    Otherwise, all data in the view is included.

  2. On the right of the toolbar, click Report Download .

  3. Click Create Create, optionally add the file name, and then click either Report or Bulksheet.

  4. (Optional) Once the report job is complete, click Report Download to view the Available Reports panel, and then download or delete the report:

    • To open or save the file according to your browser’s normal procedure, click Download spreadsheet .

      For more information about your browser procedure, see your browser’s online help.

    • To delete the file, click Delete .