Yandex keyword settings

Yandex keywords are used for both search and display (content) networks.

Keyword Details

Keywords: The keyword phrases, including any Yandex match type syntax for keywords. Each keyword can have a maximum of seven words, excluding stop words.

You can enter or paste up to 2000 keywords. Separate multiple keywords with commas, or enter them on separate lines.

  • Changing a Yandex keyword or match type deletes the existing keyword and creates a new one.
  • Each Yandex ad group can include a maximum of 200 keywords.

Status: The display status of the keyword: Active or Paused. The default for new keywords is Active.


Bid: The maximum cost per click (CPC) for an ad or cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) for an ad using the keyword, as applicable for the ad network and campaign pricing model. This value overrides the ad group-level value.

If a CPM keyword is in an optimized portfolio, then the specified bid is applied for one day. Afterward, the optimization capability places bids according to its own calculations.


Param1 Param2: The value of the {param1} and {param2} substitution variables, which are substituted for any instances of {param1} and {param2} in the base URL for ads and sitelinks when the keyword is used to display the ad. The maximum length is 255 bytes.

Special characters are automatically encoded in UTF-8. For example, if the associated ad has a base URL of "{param1} and the keyword-level value of {param1} is “shoes/flats.html,” then the ad leads to