Google Ads call-only ad settings

You can create call-only text ads for campaigns that use the search network.

Search, Social, & Commerce tracks call-only ads using the account-level landing page suffix and tracking template, but you can optionally override the account-level tracking at the ad level within Google Ads Manager.

See the Google Ads help for ad limits per account.

Business Name: The name of the business. The maximum length is 25 characters or 12 double-byte characters.

Country: (Optional) The country in which the business is located.

Phone Number: The telephone number for the business. Examples: (124) 123-4567, 12345678901, +441234567890.

Description 1, Description 2: The first and second lines of the body of the ad. The maximum length for each line is 35 characters or 17 double-byte characters.

Keyword substitution syntax doesn’t count towards the maximum length. For example, “{Description1: Free Account Analysis!}” is treated as 22 characters (only the portion “Free Account Analysis!”).

The description fields can’t include telephone numbers.

Display URL: The URL displayed in the ad. The display URL must match a domain that’s associated with your business, but the ad doesn’t send people to a landing page.

The maximum length is 35 single-byte or 17 double-byte characters. Keyword substitution syntax doesn’t count towards the maximum length. For example, “{DisplayURL:}” is treated as 11 characters (only the portion “”).

Verification URL: (Optional) A webpage on which the phone number for your ad appears as text, so that Google Ads can verify that the phone number is valid. It must have the same domain as the ad’s display URL.

Is Tracked: Enables call tracking and call-only conversions.

Count calls as phone call conversions: (When “Is Tracked” is selected; optional) Attributes all calls that result from the ad to a specific type of phone call conversion, when one is specified. Otherwise, Google Ads creates a default conversion action called “Calls from ads” once it records at least one conversion from your forwarding numbers, and then attributes calls to it.

Count Action: (When “Count calls as phone call conversions” is selected; optional) The existing conversion action to which calls are attributed.

You can create and manage conversion actions within Google Ads.

Status: The display status of the ad: Active (to enable bidding; the default), Paused (to disable bidding), or Deleted (to delete the ad; existing ads only).