Baidu ad group settings

Adgroup Details

Ad Group Name: An ad group name that is unique within the campaign. The maximum length is 15 double-byte characters.

Status: The display status of the ad group: Active or Paused. The default for new ad groups is Active.

Budget Options

Bid: The maximum cost per click (CPC) for an ad or cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) for an ad, as applicable for the ad network and campaign pricing model. Keyword-level bids override this value.

If an ad group with a CPC bid is in an optimized portfolio, then the specified bid is applied for one day. Afterward, the optimization capability places bids according to its own calculations.

Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords: (Optional) Any keywords that, when queried, don’t trigger an ad. Use the following syntax, without a minus sign (-):

  • Negative broad match: keyword (not supported by Microsoft Advertising)
  • Negative phrase match: "keyword"
  • Negative exact match: [keyword]

Separate multiple values with commas, or enter them on separate lines. You can enter or paste up to 2000 negative keywords in one operation.

  • The maximum length per keyword is 30 single-byte or 15 double-byte characters.
  • Baidu allows only one match type per keyword per ad group. For example, Ad Group 1 can’t include both "keyword" and [keyword].
  • You can set negative keywords at the campaign and ad group levels from either the campaign and ad group settings or from the Keywords > Negatives view. Campaign-level negatives are applied at the ad group level.