Adobe Audience Analytics for Adobe Advertising Customers

Adobe Audience Analytics is an integration between Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics that allows Audience Manager customers to send segments to Analytics for enriched insights about site activity.

Adobe Advertising customers can benefit by using Audience Analytics. The integration allows you to:

  • Send Adobe Advertising exposure data directly to Analytics to determine the impact of upper funnel activity on downstream site activity.

  • Determine the marketing channels and site entry points from upper funnel exposure ads.

  • Layer the integration with Analytics for Advertising to incorporate third-party demographic segments from Audience Manager Audience Marketplace with Analytics for Advertising data for more insights about user profiles.

    Audience Marketplace provides access to third-party data feeds with “Activation” subscription models, which allow buyers to send data to a destination. If the data is used within an Analytics destination, then activation fees aren’t applied.

  • (Advertisers with Advertising DSP) Add additional exposure segments for holistic journey management insights.

    Advertising DSP can send exposure data to Audience Manager as actionable signals through the implementation of either Adobe Experience Platform or Audience Manager impression-tracking pixels. Forwarding the same data to Analytics enables advanced data analysis. See “Overview of Adobe Advertising Media Data Integration with Adobe Audience Manager” for more information.

For more information about Audience Analytics, including its prerequisites and workflow, see “Audience Analytics overview.”

Examples of How to Use Audience Analytics Data with Adobe Advertising Data

The following are examples of how you can use the combined data within Analytics Analysis Workspace.

See the Impact of Upper Funnel Activity on Downstream Activity

Use Audience Manager exposure segments to see the impact of upper funnel site activity on downstream site activity. Include Adobe Advertising or third-party macro IDs in your tracking pixels to track the impact on a detailed level, from the campaign level down to the level of the site on which the user was exposed.

Main benefits:

  • Track exposure by funnel/ad types and use Audience Analytics to determine entry rates and overlap with the next phase of the customer journey.

  • Determine the impact of upper funnel activity on downstream site activity.

  • Connect Analytics for Advertising and Audience Analytics data to determine a holistic journey to the site.

The following are examples of reports that you can create in Analysis Workspace.

See the impact of upper funnel activity on downstream site activity

Use Audience Analytics Third-Party Segment Data for User Profile Analysis

Use third-party Audience Manager segments for a richer analysis of how users are interacting with your site. You can use the information to determine new third-party audiences for which to activate media, based on how profiles from the third-party segments engage with key performance indicators for the media campaigns’ sites.

Use the Audience Manager Audiences ID and Audiences Name dimensions throughout Analytics, like any other dimensions that Analytics collects.

The following are examples of reports that you can create in Analysis Workspace.

Using third-party segments to enrich user profile analysis