Automatically update issue statuses from Awaiting Feedback to In Progress

Last update: 2022-07-26
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When the Primary Contact of an issue makes an update to the issue by either updating a field (including a custom field) or adding a comment, the issue status updates to In Progress automatically.

In order for this automatic status change to occur, the following is required:

  • The issue must be entered through a request queue.

    For information about creating request queues, see the Create and manage Request Queues section. For information about creating requests, see Create and submit Adobe Workfront requests.

  • The Queue Details in the request queue must have these settings:

    • When someone makes a request, automatically grant is set to Contribute Access
    • Change Status is selected under Advanced Settings

    Queue Details give Contribute Access and Change Status is selected.

    For more information about Queue Details, see Create a Request Queue.

  • The issue must be in Awaiting Feedback status.

  • There must be an Awaiting Feedback (AWF) status available for issues at the system level.

    For more information about system-level statuses, see Create or edit a status.

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