Get OAuth2 Tokens

Getting OAuth2 Tokens

Returns the OAuth2 refresh token and access token for an authenticated user. This is invoked once when the the user provisions a Document Provider. Subsequent calls are made to get an updated access token.


POST /any/url

The URL is configurable and corresponds to the Token Endpoint URL value on the custom integration Setup page.

Query Parameters

Name Required Description
grant_type yes

Values include “authorization_code” or “refresh_token”. The value specified indicates which of the two parameters will be passed to this API call: code or refresh_token.

code depends

The authorization code sent to Adobe Workfront just after the user clicks the “Grant” button. This is only required when the grant type is “authorization_code”. The authorization code should be short lived, generally expiring in 10 minutes or less.

refresh_token depends

This is only required when making subsequent calls to retrieve a new access_token, given that the previous access_token as expired. When sending this value set the grant_type parameter to “refresh_token”.

client_id yes The Client ID configured in Workfront for this custom integration.
client_secret yes  The Client Secret configured in Workfront for this custom integration.



Name Type  Description
access_token  String

A token used to make authorized API calls on the user's behalf. This should expire to prevent unauthorized API calls.

refresh_token  String

A long-lived token used to retrieve a new access_token by calling this API method.

expires_in  long

(optional) The time (in seconds) before the access_token expires, generally 3,600.


POST /oauth2/token



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