Rich text field storage in the API

Last update: 2023-07-26
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If an object such as a project, issue, or task contains rich text, it is stored and accessible as a parameter value through the Workfront API.

Requesting text information from a project object that contains rich text can be done using the field parameterValues.

For example, a simple HTTP request could resemble the following:*

If this example project contained a custom form with 3 custom fields: calc field, paragraph text, and rich 1. Then the above request would return a response that resembles the following, where the field “rich 1” is a rich text parameter field and the text value is “Hello World!”:

    Data: {
        ID: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        name: "new project with rich text",
        objCode: "PROJ",
        - parameterValues: {
            DE:rich 1: "{
                    "text":"Hello Word!",
        DE: paragraph text: "here is some paragraph text",
        DE: calc field: "here is a calc field entry",

For a more in depth look at how rich text information is stored and can be retrieved through the Adobe Workfront API, see Rich text fields in the Adobe Workfront API.

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