Error message: SAML 2.0 Authentication Failed: User Identifier Not Found

Last update: 2023-01-09
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I am receiving this error when using SAML 2.0: “SAML 2.0 Authentication Failed: User Identifier Not Found.”


This happens when a UID or NAME ID is not passed from the ADFS Claim rules.

In ADFS the Relying Party Trust needs to have a Claim rule that passes either a UID or a NAME ID value. When you run a Workfront Test Connection, it should show this if successful.

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  1. When editing the ADFS INFO, in the Relying Party Trusts > Select object >Edit Claim Rules.

  2. The LDAP Attribute (left column) should have E-Mail Addresses (or any unique identifier).

  3. The Outgoing Claim Type (right column) should be Name ID.


    It does not have to have the LDAP Attribute E-Mail Addresses. Any unique identifier that will identify the user can be used but it must be passed into Adobe Workfront as the NAME ID.

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