Find your projects

Workfront can’t manage your projects for you, but it can give you the visibility you need into the work that’s being done. Workfront makes it easier for you to monitor work progress, communicate with your team, make timeline adjustments, and more.

Find a recent project

You can quickly find a recent project–and other objects–by clicking the Recents icon.

Status field expanded in project header


The following videos do not contain audio. They are a demonstration of the Workfront features mentioned.

Pin a project

As you’re working on a project, make it easy to find by pinning it to the menu bar so you can open it with a single click.

Favorite a project

If you are managing multiple projects, you might want to make them “favorites” by clicking the star icon. Then you can find your list under the Favorites icon in the main menu bar.

Open a project from a dashboard

Many Workfront customers use reports compiled on a dashboard to find their work in progress.

Open a project from the Projects page

And, of course, your projects are always available in the main Projects area. Just click the project name to open it.

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