Workfront Tutorials

A library of training videos and articles designed to help you better understand Workfront features and settings. Included is a collection of best practices, curated exercises and other resources that will help both you and your organization be successful with Workfront.

What’s New?

Explore the latest updates made to the tutorials for each Workfront product release. Here’s what was updated with the latest release:

  • The favorites and recents icon were separated in the top navigation on Workfront. A brief summary of each can be found in the Find Projects tutorial.

  • Configure a custom form to work with multiple object types. See how in the create and share a custom form tutorial.

Staff Picks

Find and create layout templates

Learn how to create a basic layout template.

Make a request

Learn how to make, view, and edit requests.

Create a simple report

Learn how to create a simple custom report.

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