PREMIUM Automated Personalization Summary reports

Specialized reports are available to users of Automated Personalization activities in Adobe Target.


Automated Personalization is available as part of the Target Premium solution. It is not included with Target Standard without a Target Premium license.

  1. Click Activities, click the desired Automated Personalization activity from the list, then click the Reports tab.

    If you have many activities, you can filter the list by selecting Automated Personalization from the Type drop-down list.

  2. (Optional) Click the Download icon to download the summary view (for example, comparing Control and Targeted traffic) as broken down by all available success metrics.

Automated Personalization provides the following reports:

Activity Level report

The Activity Level report compares the aggregate performance of using an Automated Personalization algorithm to randomly served content (control).

Activity Level Report

The standard rules of results interpretation for A/B testing still apply, including lift, confidence, trending, duration, and so on. For more information about interpreting results, see About the Conversion Rate.

Offer Level report

The Offer Level report for the Random Forest experience compares the performance of each algorithm-applied offer to the same randomly served offer (Control). Thus, offers should not be compared against each other in this view.

Click the experience algorithm (Random Forest or control) to view the Offer Level report.

Offers can be shown within report groups, and these report groups can be collapsed and expanded. Select Reporting Group in the drop-down list to view rolled-up information by reporting groups, rather than by offers.


The clock icon indicates that the algorithm model is still building. The checkmark icon indicates that the base algorithm has been established.

Automated Segments

Click the Automated Segments icon. This report shows how different visitors respond differently to the offers/experiences in your AP/AT activity. This report shows how different automated segments defined by Target’s personalization models responded to the offers/experiences in the activity.

Automated segments icon

For more information, see Automated Segments report.

Important Attributes

Click the Important Attributes icon. This report shows how, in different activities, different attributes are more (or less) important to how the model decides to personalize. This report shows the top attributes that influenced the model and their relative importance.

Important attributes icon

For more information, see Important Attributes report.

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