Chapter 1: Introduction

If you’re like most businesses today, you’ve modernized your digital marketing channels. Now you’re looking for ways to distinguish your brand–to break away from the pack, and in doing so increase revenue, conversion rates, and other key business metrics. One way to do that is by optimizing and personalizing the digital experiences you deliver your customers by using what you know about them to get the most out of their interactions on your website, mobile site, mobile app, or any other brand touchpoint. You might even want to extend this optimization and personalization beyond your traditional digital touchpoints to touchpoints like kiosks, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, call center interactions, and voice assistants like Alexa. Brands that have used Target to test and personalize their digital experiences have realized incredible results.

For example:

  • A major bank tested and streamlined a loan application form. Application starts tripled and application completes increased by more than 50 percent.
  • A large B2B technology company personalized product pages with assets such as guides and white papers. Asset clicks increased by more than 25 percent.
  • A major hotel company personalized its mobile app content. Conversion rates doubled compared to its mobile site, and the app drove over $1.5 billion in bookings.

Engaging with your customers this way requires a solution that can be used on just about any touchpoint using almost any source of data to understand them. Adobe Target, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is that solution. Target gives you the optimization and personalization capabilities you need to deliver your customers the highly relevant and timely experiences that yield more revenue and higher conversion.

If you’re reviewing this welcome kit, you’ve already decided to build your optimization and personalization program on Adobe Target. We’re glad you did.

Now we want to make sure that you start using it the right way, right away.

To assist with that, we’ve created this welcome kit, with key information, tools, and resources to help you prepare for and launch your first Target activity. Long term, these contents also provide the foundation for building a successful optimization and personalization program.

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