Implement Target

Before you start using Adobe Target, you must implement it on your site. Become familiar with basic concepts and terms, know how Target integrates with your infrastructure, and understand how visitors are tracked by the Target system.

The following sections help you understand how to implement Target in your environment:

Section Details
Before you implement Includes articles for developers, including
  • Information for developers specific to their implementations
  • Privacy considerations
  • Information about cookies
  • A list of the various methods that can be used to get data into Target
  • Security considerations
  • Information about TLS (Transport Layer Security) Encryption
  • Information about Canonical Name (CNAME) support
Client-side web implementation Information about implementing Adobe Target client-side, including information about the Target JavaScript libraries:
Mobile apps implementation Information about how Target helps test, personalize, and optimize mobile app experiences based on user behavior and mobile context.
Server-side implementation Information about Target server-side delivery APIs, SDKs, and Target Recommendations APIs.
Hybrid implementation Information about Target’s unique hybrid deployment model for personalization—blending client-side and server-side implementations.
Email implementation Information about implementing Target in non-JavaScript scenarios, such as using an AdBox or Redirector.

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