Configure mbox.js

Information to help you set several settings on the mbox.js Settings page.


mbox.js end-of-life: As of March 31, 2021, Adobe Target no longer supports the mbox.js library. Post March 31, 2021, all calls made from mbox.js will gracefully fail and impact your pages that have Target activities running by serving default content.

We recommend that all customers migrate to the most recent version of the new Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK or the at.js JavaScript library before this date to avoid any potential issues with your sites. For more information, see Overview: implement Target for client-side web.

The default settings of the mbox.js function library serve the needs of most Target customers.

If needed, consult your account representative to change the mbox.js settings.

The following settings are available:


The client code for your account.

When viewing Administration > Implementation, the Client at the top is the client code for your account.


The Target request timeout.

When viewing Administration > Implementation, the Timeout (seconds) setting is your Target request timeout. By default this value is set to 15 seconds, but we recommend setting it to a value between 2 seconds and 5 seconds.


Determines whether the browser sets cookies in your own domain (1st party cookies), Target’s domain, or both.

Changing this setting affects both mbox.js and at.js.

Compression Level

Determines how compressed the mbox.js library file is. Increasing the compression level decreases the page-load time.

mboxParameters() function body

Returns extra parameters to pass to each mbox call.

For example:

return “test=123”;

mboxSupported() function body

Returns false to exclude specific users.

For example:

return !navigator.userAgent.indexOf(‘Safari’) != -1;

The following browsers can be accepted or excluded:

  • IE 5.0 or greater (Windows)
  • Netscape 5.0 or greater (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Safari 1.2.4 or greater (Mac)
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or greater (Mac, Windows, Linux)

mboxCookieDomain() function body

Returns a string describing the domain to set first-party cookies.

For example:

return “YOUR-DOMAIN”;

Extra JavaScript

Includes any additional JavaScript you want to execute on each page.

SiteCatalyst plug-in

Enables the Analytics Target plug-in.

If enabled, the Analytics plug-in generates plug-in code in mbox.js . This sends Analytics tag information to Target servers as an mbox request on every page tagged with Analytics .

Note that the Analytics plug-in must still be referenced on the page.


Indicates whether mbox.js should use HTTPS only or be allowed to switch between HTTP and HTTPS based on the page protocol. This is an advanced setting that defaults to False.

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