Target Library

Last update: 2022-03-14

Use Adobe Target to target users based on pre-built targeting rules.

The pre-built audiences in the Target Library category are legacy audiences and exist in other categories. For more information and best practices, see Targets and audiences frequently asked questions.

  1. In the Target interface, click Audiences > Create Audience.

  2. Name the audience and add an optional description.

  3. Drag and drop Target Library into the audience builder pane.

    Target Library

  4. Click Select, then select a pre-built targeting rule.

    Pre-built targeting rules include, Windows Operating System, Tablet Device, Safari Browser, Returning Visitors, Referred from Google, and more.

    The predefined audience “Tablet Device” already qualifies when the user agent contains one of the following strings (some of which are model numbers of devices). You do not have to create custom targeting rules for these devices.

    Kindle, Silk, iPad, Sony Tablet, TF101, GT-P1000, GT-P1000R, GT-P1000M, SGH-T849, SHW-M180S, GT-I9000T, BNTV250, and Tablet PC.

  5. (Optional) Set up additional rules for the audience.

  6. Click Done.

Training video: Creating Audiences

This video includes information about using audience categories.

  • Create audiences
  • Define audience categories

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