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Last update: 2023-09-25
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Learn how view account profiles and opportunities in Real-Time Customer Data Platform, B2B Edition and Adobe Experience Platform. For more information, please see the Profiles documentation.


Hi, I’m Li Gao, senior product manager. Here today to share with you unified account profile. In this video, I’m going to show you Unified Account Profile account viewer and opportunity viewer.

A B2B enterprise typically have multiple interconnected systems and a real world entity is often represented by separate account records from different assistance. Unified Account Profile combines account data from different assistance into a unified profile so that you can have a complete customer view for segmentation, intelligence and analytics. As of today, unified profile service stitches account identities based on indicated identity fuse on a union schema and only supports timestamp order emerge policy. But the more ways to unify accounts such as rule based in a manual actions, as well as a data precedence merger policy already being considered, and on the prioritized roadmap. let’s look at how account viewer and opportunity viewer work. From Adobe experience platform left navigation, click profiles, in the new account section.

This will take you to the account of browse page, where you can look up a kind of profile by a name space in a record identifier.

click the lookup result. It will take you to the details page of the account profile. From there, you can go to people tab to view all associated people and opportunities tab to view all opportunities on the account.

Click one of the associated people on account. It will take you to the, enhanced person profile viewer. The enhanced profile viewer now also shows associated accounts on the accounts tab and associate opportunities on the Opportunities tab. Note, a person may be associated to multiple accounts from both account of personal relation. One of the new B2B classes that models the many to many relationship between our account and person and a few of the group that turns the class of one to many account of person relationship into a list of associated accounts. The associate opportunities of a person profile only include the opportunities to which the person was directly assigned.

Click one of the associated opportunities on account. It will take you to the opportunity viewer.

Opportunity Viewer can only be navigated to from person profile viewer and account viewer. It has a people tab that shows the people directly assigned to a given opportunity. They are also a few noted limitations. One, any associate data list is limited to a system max size in a case of more records than a system max size. A random sample of a max size records will be shown and a UI will indicate so. No custom sorting and the filtering of data list is available for the time being. Lastly, I would like to highlight all B2B artifacts are protected by B2B entitlements. Now B2B users will not see any B2B UI artifacts. That’s all for unified account of profile account viewer and opportunity viewer. -

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