Integrations between Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Experience Cloud applications

Last update: 2023-10-25
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Learn about how Experience Platform integrates with Experience Cloud applications.


So how does Adobe Experience Platform relate to Adobe Experience Cloud? You’ve invested in Experience Cloud applications and are using them already for your marketing, advertising, analytics and commerce. Experience Platform adds value to the Experience Cloud applications and natively integrates, so that you don’t have to do the integration work yourself. We’ve built Adobe Experience Platform as, well, a platform to combine all of your data from all of your systems, including non-Adobe systems, so you can find new insights and create real-time customer profiles. Data from Adobe Analytics is brought into Experience Platform. Every time a data point is captured on the Edge it’s available with minimal latency in Experience Platform. Data coming from Adobe Target about decisions made, and content presented is available right away. Adobe Campaign Standard sends it’s profile and event data to Platform. Audience Manager sends it’s traits and audiences as well. Customer Attributes data can easily be consumed in Platform, so if you’re already using that process you can quickly access that data as well. Although, over time, you’ll get greater value from ingesting that data straight into Platform. And in the other direction, all of the Experience Cloud applications can consume Audiences from Platform. They’ll become available in your Audience Library. And we’re also working on consuming Profiles from Experience Platform to remove the friction and data latencies. And Experience Manager is looking at various ways to personalize experiences inside of Sites and Forms. Experience Platform Launch can be used to stream data directly into Platform using the Web SDK. This extension uses our JavaScript library which over time will replace all of the independent libraries used to manage Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, and the ID Service. Launch is also used to implement Tags in native mobile applications, using our Experience Platform Mobile SDK. So, that’s a quick overview on how Experience Platform relates to Experience Cloud. -

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