Create audiences from existing audiences

The audience rule builder in Experience Platform allows you to use existing audiences as part of a new audiences rule definition. Watch this video to see tips on how to do it. For more information, please see the Segment Builder documentation.


“Segments” have been renamed “Audiences” in the Platform interface. Select Create audience > Build rule to enter the rule builder featured in this video.


Hey, what’s up everybody, it’s Doug. In this video, I want to show you how to use segments to build segments. Kind of a cool feature in the segment builder and platform where you can include segments as part of another segment definition. So, you can go right up here to the building blocks on the left and choose audiences, and those are your segments. And then you have the audiences or segments that you have already created here in platform under this experience platform list. So, I have some listed here. And then if I go back up, you can see that I have brought in through the audience manager data connector both traits and segments that can be used here. So for example, if I just wanted to use an audience manager segment and send that out to a destination here, I could go down in here, and I’ll click down through, and I’ll go to my content affinity, for example, and went to a men’s wear page, and bring that over. That’s automatically going to drop into the attributes section because it is membership of a segment, so people who belong to this segment, and I could just do that and leave it there and then save it and have it as a segment that could go out to a destination. However, we can get a little bit fancier, and let’s go back up here. And let’s say that I wanted to use under audiences and experienced platform purchasers right there. So, the purchaser’s segment, and I’ll kind of put it right above there. And so, you can choose purchasers and went to men’s wear page, or you can do an or, et cetera. Now, what if I want to do an and here, but what if I want to do a women’s wear page, as well? Well, let’s go back and add that one. That’s under AEM segments and then content affinity, and I went to a women’s wear page, and I put that down there. But now I have this, you know, three different things, this and this and this. Well, if I change that to an or, it’s going to change both of those to an or. So, what I really want to do is put these two into an or and I want the purchasers to be an and. So, in that case, I need to add parentheses, basically, right? So I need to go up here and add a container. Now I’m going to get rid of these two guys so that we can just basically easily say here purchasers and whatever is in this container. So now I can go men’s wear segment, put that in there, and you can see over here if you just have one thing in a container, you’ll get this error, container must have at least two rules, because again, think of the container basically as just parentheses, and if there’s only one thing in the parentheses, it doesn’t need the parentheses. In which case you could actually go here and then just say unwrap the container, and that will bring it up to the top level. But in our case, we are going to use the container, and I’m going to go here and add this women’s wear page inside that container right there. And so now I can change that one to an or, and so I can say I need people who are part of the purchasers segment and either went to a men’s wear page or a women’s wear page. And again, these are all three segments. And then lastly, the cool thing that you can do is if you have a segment that was built here in platform, then you can click on this button and you can convert it to the rules so that you could take a portion of the segment, you know, a piece of the segment definition if you wanted to. And the reason why these are great out here is because they are coming directly from audience manager through the data connector, and so they weren’t made from rules here, so you can’t actually break those out to rules here. It is what it is. It’s just the segment pulled over from audience manager. But any segments that you have created here in platform, if you want to, you can break those out to rules. So again, you can take a piece of that rule definition or a piece of that segment definition and use it in this segment definition. Anyway, hope that was helpful to be able to use segments to build other segments. Good luck. -

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