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Last update: 2023-07-25
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Before you can use Mobile Services extension for messaging, review the following prerequisites:

  • Points of interest have been created in Places Service. For more information, see Create a POI.


    The Places Service includes a new and improved POI database for your organization that exists outside the legacy Mobile Services UI. POIs that are located on the Mobile Service Manage Placess page navigation will only work for version 4 of the SDK.

  • Here is the Manage Places POI management page in the legacy Mobile Services UI for older versions of the SDK:

    Legacy UI

  • Here is the Places Service UI:

    Places Service POI management UI

  • The ACP SDK is properly configured with the Places extension.

    This means that data is available as events and/or conditions in the Experience Platform Launch rules engine for your mobile app. For more information, see Places extension.

  • Become familiar with creating and publishing Experience Platform Launch rules to the ACP SDK in your mobile app.

    For more information, see Rules engine.

  • Experience Platform Launch data elements are created from Places extension data that will be used in the Rules engine.

    For more information, see Data elements.


Before you can use reporting, complete the following prerequisites:

Reporting visualization

You can run Mobile Service reports using Places Service data that is sent to Adobe Analytics. In the following example, events are sent when users have entries in one of the POIs. In this report a filter of the POI entry event has been added over the out-of-the-box user report:

Report visualization

Additional flexibility in visualizing Places Service data is available in the Adobe Analytics interfaces.

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