Connect Marketo Measure to Salesforce

This article provides an overview of how to connect your Salesforce account to your Marketo Measure account.

Connecting Marketo Measure with Salesforce

  1. Use an incognito browser to log in to Marketo Measure.

  2. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, navigate to My Account and click the Settings option.

  3. In the column of setting options on the left, click Connections located under the Integrations section.

  4. Under the CRM section in Connections, click Set Up New CRM Connection.

  5. A pop-up window will appear asking you to Select CRM connection. Click the Connect button next to the Salesforce logo.

  6. A final pop-up window will appear, asking you for your Salesforce credentials, sandbox or production. Enter your information and click Authorize to connect the account to Marketo Measure.


Marketo Measure can only be connected to one Salesforce instance at a time.

  • A Marketo Measure instance can be connected to a SFDC Sandbox Instance to test the integration before switching the connection to your SFDC Production Instance.
  • If you test first with a SFDC Sandbox, we highly recommend you test with one which is an exact replica of your SFDC production instance in terms of fields on the Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, Campaign and Case objects. If you have any active APEX triggers in production which fire on updates to the Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, Campaign and Case objects, you should try to have them active in your sandbox.
  • Once you are done with testing, you will update your Marketo Measure account to point at your Production Salesforce (instead of Sandbox Salesforce). Due to the way the integration was built, once a Marketo Measure account is connected to Production Salesforce, you cannot go “backwards” and connect to a Sandbox Salesforce org.

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