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Adobe Experience Platform Launch is being rebranded as a suite of data collection technologies in Experience Platform. These changes will be rolling out across all product documentation in the coming weeks. Please refer to the following document for a consolidated reference of the terminology changes.

Before you get started with your extension_package, you need to set up your team members with user accounts and permissions. This is accomplished in the Adobe Admin Console.

This document provides steps for granting access to Adobe Experience Platform Launch through the Admin Console.


This guide assumes you are an Organization Admin as designated by the Admin Console. If you require additional information about the Admin Console and assigning roles, refer to the following resources:

Choose Your Organization

Your Adobe Experience Cloud organization administrator should sign in to the Admin Console. The first screen is the Overview:

Some of you may have access to more than one Organization. In order to add the Platform Launch product to the correct Org, select the name of the Organization you see in the upper right corner of the screen, then choose the one where you want to use Platform Launch:

Create a Product Profile

A Product Profile is a group. Individual rights are assigned to product profiles and any users in the profile will inherit those rights.

Choose the “Products” link at the top, and “LAUNCH, BY ADOBE” on the left. If you do not have the Platform Launch Product listed, customers should contact their account team and partners should email

The screenshot above shows one existing Profile for Platform Launch, you may not have one yet. To create one, select the blue “New Profile” button. On the Create a New Profile screen, just add a Profile Name (Platform Launch, for example), and an optional Description, then select Done:

Now that we have the Product Profile in our Organization, let’s add our users.

Assign Users to the Product Profile

Notice that the Product Profile shows zero for Entitled Users and Admins. Select the name of the Product Profile you created (Adobe Lunch in our example):

Select the Users tab, then you can add users by selecting the blue Add User link:

Here you can search for existing Adobe ID users by email, or add new ones as Users of this Adobe Platform Launch Product Profile:

Select the blue Save link when you add the user. When you have all the users you need in this Product Profile, we’ll add Permissions for them. Select the Permissions tab:

On the Permissions screen you’ll see PROPERTIES, COMPANY RIGHTS, and PROPERTY RIGHTS:

To author extensions, you and your team need - at minimum - Manage Properties from the Company group as well as Manage Extensions, Manage Environments, and Develop from the Property group. You can create additional Product Profiles with more limited rights later if you like, but for now it is simplest to select “+ Add all” for both Company Rights and Property Rights, being sure to select “Save” on each:

So far, we have chosen the appropriate Organization, created a Product Profile, added Users to the product profile, and assigned permissions.

This completes the required set up in the Administration Console! You and your team members that have been set up as users can now sign in to Platform Launch.

Confirm Provisioning

After your company is provisioned with access to Platform Launch and your users are set up as described above, you should be able to access the Platform Launch production environment. If you know you’ve been provisioned for Platform Launch and you’ve gone through the Admin Console steps above, but you still can’t sign in to Platform Launch, please contact your Adobe support representatives.

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