Understanding Journey Orchestration

Journey Orchestration allows you to build real-time orchestration use cases using contextual data stored in events or data sources.

Introduction to Journey Orchestration

Journey Orchestration is an application service integrated with the Adobe Experience Platform. It provides an intelligent and open ecosystem to activate all relevant live data through scalable, event-based engagement across any channel your business requires from marketing to operations to service. Journey Orchestration can use any data from the Adobe Experience Platform and any external delivery system to create and deliver compelling experiences.

The video below introduces

  • The concept of Journey Orchestration
  • The types of use cases it enables
  • The key elements of how Journey Orchestration works

How to configure a journey

The main steps in preparation for building journeys are:

  1. Configure Streaming Events - This configuration is mandatory, as Journey Orchestration is designed to listen to events.
  2. Configure Data Sources - This configuration is not required if your journeys only use local data coming from an event payload.
  3. Configure Custom Actions: Required if you want to use a service from any third-party provider that can be called through a REST API with a JSON formatted payload

These configuration steps require technical knowledge. You must be familiar with the Experience Data Model (XDM) and how to compose XDM experience event schemas.

How to create, publish, and analyze a journey

  1. Create a Journey
  2. Validate and publish a journey
  3. Analyze a journey via reporting tools

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