Landing page live report

The landing page Live report report displays details about the impact of your landing pages over the last 24 hours only. To measure your landing page data over a selected time period, refer to the Landing page global report.

要访问您的报表,请选择 Live report ,从选定登陆页面的高级菜单访问。

The landing page Live report is divided into different widgets detailing your delivery’s success and errors. 如果需要,可以调整每个小组件的大小并将其删除。 For more information on this refer to this section.

The Landing page performance widget details the main information relative to your message over the last 24 hours through KPIs:

  • Total visits:从历程或其他来源访问登陆页面的总次数,包括一个收件人的多次访问。

  • Conversions:与登陆页面进行交互(例如订阅了表单)的人数。

  • Bounces: Number of persons who didn't interact with the landing page and didn't complete the action of subscribing.

Visit sources 小组件表示访客如何访问您的登陆页面:

  • Journey(s):历程对登陆页面的访问次数。

  • Other sources:来自外部源而非历程的登陆页面访问次数。

The Top clicked links identifies the visitors' interaction with the landing page:

  • Clicks:内容在登陆页面中的点击次数。

Journey(s) 小组件表示从历程到登陆页面的访问次数。

Other sources 小组件表示从外部源而不是历程访问登陆页面的次数。

The Visits by messages / Conversions by messages graphs represent the total number of visits and persons who interacted successfully with your landing page in the last 24 hours depending on the sent messages.

Visits by channels / Conversions by channels 图形表示过去24小时内与您的登陆页面成功交互的访问和人员总数,具体取决于渠道。