This is an asynchronous API that returns identifiers for Analytics, the ID service, data collection opt-out, geographic location, and metadata “blob” content by default. Also, you can control which IDs you want to return with the optional visitor.FIELDS enum.



This function uses the following syntax (italics represents a placeholder for a variable): var *values* = visitor.getVisitorValues (callback, [visitor.FIELDS. *ID type*, visitor.FIELDS. *ID type*]);

In the function parameters:

  • *callback* represents your own callback code that receives the returned IDs.
  • (Optional) visitor.FIELDS. *ID type* is an enum that lets you specify which ID values you want this function to return.

See the following use cases and definitions for more information.

Use Case 1: Request the Default Data Set

This code returns the standard data set. Your request and response could look similar to the following examples.

//Call the ID service
var visitor = Visitor.getInstance ("Insert Experience Cloud organization ID here",{...});

//Add your callback to the GET method to return IDs and data.

In the default sample response, some values have been shortened for demonstration purposes.

//Formatted IDs in JSON response
    MCMID: 'mid-1234',
    MCOPTOUT: 'isoptedout-true',
    MCAID: 'aid-1234',
    MCAAMLH: 7,
    MCAAMB: 'hgfe54236786oygj'

Use Case 2: Request a Custom Data Set

This code uses an optional array to return a specific set of IDs using the visitor.FIELDS enum. In this case, we only want the visitor’s Experience Cloud ID (MCID) and Analytics ID (MCAID). Your request and response could look similar to the following examples.

//Call the ID service
var visitor = Visitor.getInstance("Insert Experience Cloud organization ID here", { ... });

// Add an optional array to specify which IDs you want to return.
visitor.getVisitorValues(visitorIdsCallback, [visitor.FIELDS.MCMID, visitor.FIELDS.MCAID]);

The customized sample response returns only those IDs specified in the request.

//Formatted IDs in JSON response
    MCMID: 'mid-1234',
    MCAID: 'aid-4321'

Response Parameters Defined

The following table lists and defines the response parameters. These are also all the values in the visitor.FIELDS enum. Note, this method returns and empty string if there are no values for a particular variable.

Value Description


Encrypted Audience Manager metadata known as "the blob."


The data collection region ID. This is a numeric identifier for the geographic location of a particular ID service data center.

See DCS Region IDs, Locations, and Host Names and getLocationHint .


The visitor's Analytics ID.


The visitor's Experience Cloud ID.

See Cookies and the Experience Cloud Identity Service .


A flag that indicates if a visitor has opted out of data collection.

Values include:

  • 'isoptedout-true' : A visitor has opted out of data collection.
  • 'isoptedout-false' : A visitor has not opted out of data collection.

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