Healthcare medication schema field group

Last update: 2022-07-26
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Healthcare medication is a standard schema field group for the Medication class. It provides a single object-type field medication which captures details such as brand name, lot number, and quantity.

Property Data type Description
ingredients Array of objects Lists the ingredients present in the medication. Each object includes the following properties:
  • isActive: (Boolean) Indicates whether this ingredient is still actively used in this medication.
  • name: (String) The name of the ingredient.
  • quantity: (String) The quantity of the ingredient present in the medication.
brandName String The brand name of the drug.
codes Array of strings A list of codes that identify this medication.
dosageUnitNumber Double The dosage unit number for the medication.
dosageUnitOfMeasurement String The unit of measurement for the dosage number.
expiryDate DateTime Expiry date of the medication.
genericName String The generic name of the drug.
lotNumber String The unique identifier for the drug’s batch.
manufacturerName String The drug manufacturer’s name.
quantity Double The amount of drug in the package.
status String A general status indicating whether the drug/medication is active or not.
volume Double The volume of the drug.

For more details on the field group, refer to the public XDM repository.

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