Reservation Details schema field group

Reservation Details is a standard schema field group for the XDM ExperienceEvent class used to capture information regarding a reservation, including length, modification, refundable status, and number of rooms.

The field group provides a single object-type field, reservations. The properties contained in this object are explained below.

Reservation Details structure

Property Data type Description
nonRefundableAmount Currency The amount of the reservation price that is marked as non-refundable.
transaction Transaction Describes the currency transaction for the reservation.
id String A unique identifier for the reservation.
cancellation Integer This value is captured when a reservation has been cancelled.
confirmationNumber String The confirmation number or identifier for the reservation.
created Integer This value is captured when the reservation has been created.
currencyCode String The ISO 4217 currency code used to make the purchase.
endDate DateTime The end drop-off, return, or check-out date for the reservation.
length Integer The total number of days for the reservation.
modification Integer This value is captured when a reservation has been modified.
modificationDate DateTime The time when the reservation was last modified.
numberOfAdults Integer The number of adults associated with the reservation.
numberOfChildren Integer The number of children associated with the reservation.
purpose String The purpose of the reservation, typically either business or personal.
startDate DateTime The start pick-up, outbound, or check-in date for the reservation.
triptype String Indicates if the reservation is for a one-way trip, a round trip, or a multi-city trip.

For more details on the field group, refer to the public XDM repository:

Industry-specific reservation field groups

There are several other standard field groups that extend the Reservation Details schema for industry-specific use cases. Refer to the following documentation for more details:

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