Dining Reservation schema field group

Dining Reservation is a standard schema field group for the XDM ExperienceEvent class used to capture information regarding a dining reservation.

The field group is an extension of the Reservation Details field group, and contains all of the same fields under a single object-type field, reservations. In addition to these generic fields, Dining Reservation also includes diningReservations array. This array of objects is used to describe one or more reservations with restaurant-specific properties.


This document covers the details of the diningReservations array. For information on the other fields provided under the reservations object, please refer to the Reservation Details field group reference.

Dining Reservation structure


diningReservations is an array of objects that represents a list of dining reservations. If a reservation event involves reservations at multiple different restaurants at different times of the day, for example, these reservations can be listed as individual objects under diningReservations for a single event.

The structure of each object provided under diningReservations is provided below.

diningReservations structure

Property Data type Description
ID String The reservation number or identifier.
cancellation Integer This value is captured when a reservation has been cancelled.
confirmationNumber String The reservation confirmation number or identifier.
created Integer This value is captured when a reservation has been created.
cuisine Integer The type of restaurant cuisine.
currencyCode String The ISO 4217 currency code used to make the purchase.
deliveryPartners String Delivery partners available from the restaurant.
diningOptions String Delivery and dining options available from the restaurant.
groupReservation Boolean Indicates whether the reservation is being made for a group.
length Integer The total number of days for the reservation.
loyaltyID String The loyalty program ID for the guest listed in the reservation.
modification Integer This value is captured when a reservation has been modified.
modificationDate DateTime The time when the reservation was last modified.
numberOfAdults Integer The number of adults associated with the reservation.
numberOfChildren Integer The number of children associated with the reservation.
numberOfRooms Integer The number of rooms associated with the reservation.
partySize Integer The number of individuals in the dining party.
priceCategory String The price category for the reservation being made.
purpose String The purpose of the reservation, typically either business or personal.
reservationTime DateTime The time for which the dining reservation is booked.
restaurantID String An identifier for the restaurant or dining location.
reservationStatus String The status of the reservation.
specialOccasion Boolean Indicates whether the reservation is being made for a special occasion.
status Integer The status of the dining reservation.

For more details on the field group, refer to the public XDM repository:

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