Commerce Details schema field group


The names of several schema field groups have changed. See the document on field group name updates for more information.

商 務詳細資訊類別 XDM ExperienceEvent 的標準結構欄位群組,用於說明商務資料,例如產品資訊(SKU、名稱、數量)和標準購物車操作(訂購、結帳、放棄)。

屬性 Data type 說明
commerce 商務 An object that describes product returns, warranty registration, and shopping cart/order processes.
productListItems 產品清單項的陣列 A list of items representing the product(s) selected by a customer, with specific options and pricing at a specific point of time (which may differ from the product record).

For more details on the field group, refer to the public XDM repository: