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Last update: 2023-01-10
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Postal address is a standard XDM data type that describes the details of a mailing address.

Property Description
city The name of the city.
country The name of the government-administered territory. This is a free-form field that can have the country name in any language.
countryCode The two-character ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the country.
createdByBatchID The ID of the ingested batch file that created the address record.
dmaID The Nielsen media research designated market area.
label A free-form name for the address.
lastVerifiedDate The date that the address was last verified as still associated to the person.
modifiedByBatchID The ID of the ingested batch file that last modified the record.
msaID The metropolitan statistical area in the United States where the observation occurred.
postOfficeBox The post office box of the address.
postalCode The postal code of the location. Postal codes are not available for all countries. In some countries, this will only contain part of the postal code.
primary A Boolean value that indicates whether this is the individual’s primary address. A profile can have only one primary address at a given point of time.
region The region, county, or district portion of the address.
repositoryCreatedBy The ID of the user who created the record.
repositoryLastModifiedBy The ID of the user who last modified the record.
stateProvince The state, or province portion of the observation. The format follows the ISO 3166-2 (country and subdivision) standard.
status Indicates whether the address can be currently used.
statusReason A description of the current status.
street1 - street4 These four fields are meant to contain primary street level information, apartment number, street number, and street name. street2 to street4 are optional.

For more details on the postal address data type, refer to the public XDM repository:

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