Payment Item data type

Payment Item is a standard Experience Data Model (XDM) data type that describes a payment associated with an order that defines the type of payment, the amount, and the associated currency.

Property Data type Description
currencyCode String The ISO 4217 currency code used for the order totals. All instances must conform to the regular expression ^[A-Z]{3}$. Examples include USD and EUR.
paymentAmount Double The value of the payment.
paymentType String The method of payment for this order. Accepted enum values include:
  • cash
  • credit_card
  • debit_card
  • gift_card
  • check
  • paypal
  • wire_transfer
  • credit_card_reference
  • other
  • transactionID String The unique transaction identifier for this payment item.

    For more details on the data type, refer to the public XDM repository:

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