Identity data type

Identity is a standard XDM data type that is used to clearly distinguish people that are interacting with digital experiences. Identity is established by an identity provider, which itself is referenced in a namespace attribute. Within each namespace, the identity is unique.

Property Data type Description
namespace Object An object that contains a single string field (code), which indicates the the namespace associated with the provided id attribute.
authenticatedState String The authenticated state for this identity at the time of the observed Experience Event. See the appendix for accepted values and definitions.
id String The identity of the consumer in the related namespace.
primary Boolean Indicates whether this is the primary identity for the individual. Each individual can only have one primary identity.
xid String When present, this value represents a cross-namespace identifier that is unique across all namespace-scoped identifiers in all namespaces.

For more details on the data type, refer to the public XDM repository:


The following section contains additional information about the Identity data type.

Accepted values for authenticatedState

The following table outlines the accepted values for authenticatedState and their associated meanings:

Value Description
ambiguous The authenticated state is ambiguous.
authenticated The user was identified by a login or similar action that was valid at the time of the event observation.
loggedOut The user was identified by a login action at some previous point in time, but was not logged in at the time of the event observation.

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