Commerce data type

Commerce is a standard Experience Data Model (XDM) data type that describes the records related to buying and selling activity.

Property Data type Description
order Order Describes the placed order for one or more products.
cartAbandons Measure Used to describe when a product list has been identified as no longer accessible or purchasable by the user.
checkouts Measure An action during the checkout process of a product list. There can be more than one checkout event if there are multiple steps in a checkout process. If there are multiple steps, the event time information and referenced page or experience is used to identify the step and individual events represented in order.
inStorePurchase Measure Describes a value associated with an in-store purchase for analytics use.
productListAdds Measure The addition of a product to the product list, such as a product being added to a shopping cart.
productListOpens Measure The initializations of a new product list, such as a shopping cart being created.
productListRemovals Measure The removal or removals of a product entry from a product list, such as a product being removed from a shopping cart.
productListReopens Measure A product list that was previously abandoned that has been re-activated by the user.
productListViews Measure Describes when a view or views of a product list has occurred.
productViews Measure Describes when a view or views of an individual product has occurred.
purchases Measure Used to track when an order has been accepted. The purchase event is the only required action in a commerce conversion. The purchase event must have a product list referenced.
saveForLaters Measure A product list is saved for future use such as a wish list.

For more details on the data type, refer to the public XDM repository:

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