Beacon data type

Beacon is a standard XDM data type that describes the wireless device that communicates identity information to mobile applications as mobile devices come within range.

Property Data type Description
beaconMajor Double Major values identify and distinguish a group and unsigned integer values between 1 and 65,535.
beaconMinor Double Minor values identify and distinguish an individual and unsigned integer values between 1 and 65,535.
proximity String Estimated distance from the beacon. See the appendix for accepted values and definitions.
proximityUUID String A proximity UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) is a special type of identifier used to distinguish beacons in your network from all other beacons in networks outside your control. The proximity UUID is configured into a beacon, to be transmitted to mobile devices in range to identify an organization’s beacons.

For more details on the data type, refer to the public XDM repository:


The following section contains additional information about the Beacon data type.

Accepted values for proximity

The following table outlines the accepted values for proximity and their associated meanings:

Value Description
immediate Within a few centimeters.
near Less than 10 meters away.
far Greater than 10 meters away.
unknown The distance was not able to be ascertained, likely due to a weak signal.

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