XDM Business Campaign Members class

Last update: 2023-12-15
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This class is intended to be used by organizations with access to Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform B2B Edition. You must have access to Real-Time CDP B2B Edition in order for this class to participate in Real-Time Customer Profile.

XDM Business Campaign Members is a standard Experience Data Model (XDM) class that describes a contact or lead associated with a business campaign.

The structure of the XDM Business Campaign Members class as it appears in the UI

Property Data type Description
campaignKey B2B Source A composite identifier for the associated campaign.
campaignMemberKey B2B Source A composite identifier for the campaign membership entity.
extSourceSystemAudit External Source System Audit Attributes If the campaign membership comes from an external source system, this object captures audit attributes for that system.
personKey B2B Source A composite identifier for the person who is a member of the associated campaign.
_id String A unique identifier for the record. This is a system-generated value that is separate from the campaignMemberID.

To learn how this class conceptually relates to the other B2B classes and how you can establish these relationships in the Adobe Experience Platform UI, see the guide on schema relationships in Real-Time CDP B2B Edition

For additional fields that are compatible with this class, see the field group reference for XDM Business Campaign Member Details.

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