Configuration options in Self-Serve Sources (Batch SDK)

Last update: 2023-01-06
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This document provides an overview of the configurations you need to prepare in order to use Self-Serve Sources (Batch SDK).

Connection specification

Connection specifications return a source’s connector properties. They include authentication specifications related to creating the base and source connections and a fixed connection specification ID that is assigned to a particular source. Connection specifications are tenant and organization agnostic. A typical connection specification contains basic information on a given source, as well as three distinct sections: authSpec, sourceSpec, and exploreSpec.

Specs Description
authSpec The authSpec array contains information on the authentication parameters required to connect a source to Platform. Any given source can support multiple different types of authentication.
sourceSpec The sourceSpec array contains general information pertaining to a source, including information on attributes required to present the source in the UI, documentation link, and parameters regarding pagination, header, body, and scheduling. Furthermore, sourceSpec describes the schema of the parameters required to create a source connection from a base connection, and is necessary in order to create a source connection.
exploreSpec The exploreSpec array defines the parameters required for exploring and inspecting objects contained in your source. The exploreSpec also defines the response format returned when objects are explored and inspected.

Populate connection specification values

A connection specification can be divided into three distinct parts: the authentication specifications, the source specifications, and the explore specifications.

See the following documents for instructions on how to populate the values of each part of a connection specification:

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