(Beta) Azure Data Explorer connector


The Azure Data Explorer connector is in beta. See the Sources overview for more information on using beta-labelled connectors.

Adobe Experience Platform provides native connectivity for database providers like Microsoft, MySQL, and Azure. You can bring your data from these systems into Platform.

Different types of third-party databases are supported, including relational, NoSQL, or data warehouses. Support for database providers includes Azure Data Explorer.

IP address allow list

A list of IP addresses must be added to an allow list prior to working with source connectors. Failing to add your region-specific IP addresses to your allow list may lead to errors or non-performance when using sources. See the IP address allow list page for more information.


The Azure Data Explorer source connector currently does not support same-region connectivity to Platform. This means that if your Azure instance is using the same network region as Platform, then a connection to Platform sources cannot be established. Currently, only cross-region connectivity is supported. Please contact your Adobe account manager for more information.

The documentation below provides information on how to connect Azure Data Explorer to Platform using APIs or the user interface:

Connect Azure Data Explorer to Platform using APIs

Connect Azure Data Explorer to Platform using the UI

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