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Last update: 2023-07-12
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The following table outlines the fields of an Experience Data Model (XDM) Experience Event schema and the corresponding fields from Adobe Target they should be mapped to. Additional notes for some mappings are also provided.


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XDM ExperienceEvent field Target Request field Notes
id A unique request identifier
dataSource Configured to “1” for all clients.
dataSource._id A system-generated value that cannot be passed in with the request. The unique ID of this data source. This would be provided by the individual or system that created the data source.
dataSource.code A system-generated value that cannot be passed in with the request. A shortcut to the full @id. At least one of the code or @id can be used. Sometimes, this code is referred to as the data source integration code.
dataSource.tags A system-generated value that cannot be passed in with the request. Tags are used to indicate how the aliases represented by a given data source should be interpreted by applications using those aliases.

  • isAVID: Data sources representing Analytics visitor IDs.
  • isCRSKey: Data sources representing aliases that should be used as keys in CRS.
Tags are set when the data source is created but they are also included in pipeline messages when referencing a given data source.
timestamp Event timestamp
channel Only works with view delivery. Options are “web” and “mobile”, with “web” being the default.
endUserIds.experience.tntId tntId/mboxPC
endUserIds.experience.mcId marketingCloudVisitorId The Experience Cloud ID (ECID) is also known as MCID and continues to be used in namespaces.
environment.browserDetails.userAgent mboxRequest.userAgent
environment.browserDetails.viewPortHeight mboxRequest.browserHeight
environment.browserDetails.viewPortWidth mboxRequest.browserWidth
environment.operatingSystem deviceAtlas.osName
environment.operatingSystemVersion deviceAtlas.osVersion
environment.viewportHeight mboxRequest.screenHeight
environment.viewportWidth mboxRequest.screenWidth
environment.colorDepth mboxRequest.colorDepth
environment.carrier Mobile carrier name resolved based on the request’s IP address.
environment.ipV4 mboxRequest.ipAddress (if in V4 format)
environment.ipV6 mboxRequest.ipAddress (if in V6 format)
experience mboxRequest.client mboxRequest.mboxName mboxRequest.mboxVersion mboxRequest.sessionId Target’s internal mapping for customer-defined environments (such as dev, qa, or prod). Identifier used to stitch Target events with Analytics events mboxRequest.pageId mboxRequest.mboxPageValue List (array) of activities the visitor has qualified for[i].activityID The ID of any given activity the visitor qualified for[i].version The version of any given activity the visitor qualified for[i].activityEvents Includes the details of activity events the user has hit with this event.
device.typeIDService XDMDevice.Device.TypeIDService.typeIDService_deviceatlas
device.type One of the following properties of deviceAtlas (or NULL):
  • type_mobile
  • type_tablet
  • type_desktop
  • type_ereader
  • type_television
  • type_settop
  • type_mediaplayer
device.typeID (empty string)
device.manufacturer deviceAtlas.manufacturer
device.model deviceAtlas.model
device.modelNumber (empty string)
device.screenHeight deviceAtlas.displayHeight
device.screenWidth deviceAtlas.displayWidth
device.colorDepth deviceAtlas.displayColorDepth
placeContext Random UUID (mandatory) City name resolved based on the request’s IP address.
placeContext.geo.countryCode Country code resolved based on the request’s IP address.
placeContext.geo.dmaId Designated Market Area code resolved based on the request’s IP address.
placeContext.geo.postalCode Postal code resolved based on the request’s IP address.
placeContext.geo.stateProvince State or province resolved based on the request’s IP address.
placeContext.localTime mboxRequest.offsetTime + mboxRequest.currentServerTime
commerce Set only if order details are present in the request.
commerce.order.priceTotal mboxRequest.orderTotal
commerce.order.purchaseOrderNumber mboxRequest.orderId
commerce.order.purchaseID mboxRequest.orderId
web.withWebPageDetails.url mboxURL.context.address.url
web.webReferrer.url mboxReferrer.context.address.url
identityMap.TNTID tntId.mboxPC
identityMap.ECID marketingCloudVisitorId

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