Sandboxes troubleshooting guide

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about sandboxes in Adobe Experience Platform. For questions and troubleshooting related to other Platform services, please refer to the Experience Platform troubleshooting guide.

Sandboxes partition a single Platform instance into separate virtual environments to help develop and evolve digital experience applications. See the sandboxes overview for more information.

What is a sandbox?

Sandboxes are virtual partitions within a single instance of Experience Platform. Each sandbox maintains its own independent library of Platform resources (including schemas, datasets, profiles, and so on). All content and actions taken within a sandbox are confined to only that sandbox and do not affect any other sandboxes. See the sandboxes overview for more information.

What types of sandboxes are available, and what are their differences?

There are two sandbox types available in Experience Platform:

  • Production sandbox
  • Non-production sandbox

Experience Platform provides a single production sandbox, which cannot be deleted or reset. Only one production sandbox can exist for a single Platform instance.

By contrast, multiple non-production sandboxes can be created by sandbox administrators for a single Platform instance. Non-production sandboxes allow you to test features, run experiments, and make custom configurations without impacting your production sandbox. In addition, non-production sandboxes have a reset feature that removes all customer-created resources from the sandbox. Non-production sandboxes cannot be converted to production sandboxes. A default Experience Platform license grants you five sandboxes (one production and four non-production). You can add packs of ten non-production sandboxes up to a maximum of 75 total sandboxes. Please contact your IMS Org Administrator or your Adobe sales representative for more details.

See the sandboxes overview for more information.

Can I access a resource from more than one sandbox?

Sandboxes are isolated partitions of a single Platform instance, with each sandbox maintaining its own independent library of resources. A resource that exists in one sandbox cannot be accessed from any other sandbox, regardless of sandbox type (production or non-production).

How many production sandboxes can I have?

Experience Platform only supports one production sandbox per IMS Organization, which is provided out-of-the-box. While the production sandbox can be renamed, it cannot be deleted or reset. Users with Sandbox Administration permissions can only create, reset, and delete non-production sandboxes.

How many non-production sandboxes can I have?

Experience Platform currently allows up to 15 non-production sandboxes to be active within a single IMS Organization.

I just created a sandbox. How do I set permissions for the users who will be working with this sandbox?

The Adobe Admin Console links users to sandboxes and permissions through the use of product profiles. After creating a new sandbox, navigate to the Permissions tab of the product profile you wish to grant access to, then click Sandboxes. From here, you can add or remove access to the new sandbox in the same manner as other permissions.

If you wish to add unique permissions to users of a particular sandbox, you may need to create a new product profile with the appropriate sandboxes and permissions applied, and assign those users to that profile.

See the access control user guide for more information on managing sandboxes and permissions in the Admin Console.

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