Connect Postico to Query Service (Mac)

This document covers the steps for connecting Postico with Adobe Experience Platform Query Service.


This guide assumes you already have access to Postico and are familiar with how to navigate its interface. More information about Postico can be found in the official Postico documentation.

Additionally, Postico is only available on macOS devices.

To connect Postico to Query Service, open Postico and select New Favorite.

You can now enter values to connect with Adobe Experience Platform.

For more information on finding your database name, host, port, and login credentials, please read the credentials guide. To find your credentials, log in to Platform, then select Queries, followed by Credentials.

After inserting your credentials, select Connect to connect with Query Service.

After connecting to Platform, you’ll be able to see a list of all the relations previously made with Query Service.

Create SQL statements

To create a new SQL query, select and open “SQL Query”.

A box appears, and from here you can type in the query you want to execute. When finished, select Execute Statement to run the query.

A table appears, showing the results of your completed query run.

Next steps

Now that you’ve connected with Query Service, you can use Postico to write queries. For more information on how to write and run queries, please read the running queries guide.

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