Connect with Looker

To connect Looker with Query Service on Adobe Experience Platform, please follow the steps below:

After logging into Looker, click on Admin, followed by Connections.

On this page, click on New Connection.

From here, you can fill out the details for the Connection Settings.

  • Name: The name of your connection.
  • Dialect: The dialect used for the SQL database. Query Service uses PostgreSQL.
  • Host and Port: The host endpoint and its port for Query Service.
  • Database: The database that will be used.
  • Username and Password: The login credentials that will be used. The username will be in the form of ORG_ID@AdobeOrg.

For more information on finding your host and port, database name, and login credentials, visit the credentials page on Platform. To find your credentials, log in to Platform, click Queries, then click Credentials.

After inputting your connection details, click on Test These Settings to ensure your credentials work properly. If they do, a message telling you can connect will appear below. If your connection is indeed successful, click on Add Connection to create your connection.

Next steps

Now that you’ve connected with Query Service, you can use Looker to write queries. For more information on how to write and run queries, please read the running queries guide.

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