Privacy Service API guide appendix

The following sections contain additional information for working with the Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service API.

Standard identity namespaces

All identities that are sent to Privacy Service must be provided under a specific identity namespace. Identity namespaces are a component of Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service that indicate the context to which an identity relates.

The following table outlines several commonly used, pre-defined identity types made available by Experience Platform, along with their associated namespace values:

Identity type namespace namespaceId
Email Email 6
Phone Phone 7
Adobe Advertising Cloud ID AdCloud 411
Adobe Audience Manager UUID CORE 0
Adobe Experience Cloud ID ECID 4
Adobe Target ID TNTID 9
Apple ID for Advertisers IDFA 20915
Google Ad ID GAID 20914
Windows AID WAID 8

Each identity type also has a namespaceId integer value, which can be used in place of the namespace string when setting the identity’s type property to “namespaceId”. See the section on namespace qualifiers for more information.

You can retrieve a list of identity namespaces in use by your organization by making a GET request to the idnamespace/identities endpoint in the Identity Service API. See the Identity Service developer guide for more information.

Namespace qualifiers

When specifying a namespace value in the Privacy Service API, a namespace qualifier must be included in a corresponding type parameter. The following table outlines the different accepted namespace qualifiers.

Qualifier Definition
standard One of the standard namespaces defined globally, not tied to an individual organization data set (for example, email, phone number, etc.). Namespace ID is provided.
custom A unique namespace created in the context of an organization, not shared across the Experience Cloud. The value represents the friendly name (“name” field) to be searched for. Namespace ID is provided.
integrationCode Integration code - similar to “custom”, but specifically defined as the integration code of a datasource to be searched for. Namespace ID is provided.
namespaceId Indicates the value is the actual ID of the namespace that was created or mapped through the namespace service.
unregistered A freeform string that is not defined in the namespace service and is taken “as is”. Any application that handles these kinds of namespaces checks against them and handle if appropriate for the company context and data set. No namespace ID is provided.
analytics A custom namespace that is mapped internally in Analytics, not in the namespace service. This is passed in directly as specified by the original request, without a namespace ID
target A custom namespace understood internally by Target, not in the namespace service. This is passed in directly as specified by the original request, without a namespace ID

Accepted product values

The following table outlines the accepted values for specifying an Adobe product in the include attribute of a job creation request.

Product Value for use in the include attribute
Adobe Advertising Cloud adCloud
Adobe Analytics analytics
Adobe Audience Manager AudienceManager
Adobe Campaign campaign
Adobe Experience Platform (Data Lake) aepDataLake
Adobe Experience Platform (Real-Time Customer Profile) profileService
Adobe Primetime Authentication primetimeAuthentication
Adobe Target target
Customer Attributes (CRS) CRS
Identity Service identity
Marketo Engage marketo

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