Attribution AI overview

Attribution AI, as part of Intelligent Services, is a multi-channel algorithmic attribution service that calculates the influence and incremental impact of customer interactions against specified outcomes. With Attribution AI, marketers can measure and optimize marketing and advertising spend by understanding the impact of every individual customer interaction across each phase of the customers’ journeys.

Understanding Attribution AI

Attribution AI is used to attribute credits to touchpoints leading to conversion events. This can be used by marketers to help quantify the marketing impact of each individual marketing touchpoint across customer journeys. Examples of touchpoints include display ad impressions, email sends, email opens and paid search clicks.

Attribution AI outputs can be segregated across various dimensions and can be utilized across different stages of the customer journey. This is accomplished without needing to translate business needs to machine learning problems, picking algorithms, training, or deploying models.

Attribution AI data can be from Adobe (e.g. Analytics) or non-Adobe data sources.

Attribution AI supports two categories of scores, algorithmic and rule-based. Algorithmic scores include incremental and influenced scores. Rule-based scores include First touch, Last touch, Linear, U-shaped, and Time-Decay.

The following video is designed to support your understanding of Attribution AI.

Examples of business use cases

Attribution AI can be used to assist with the following example use cases:

  • Executive reporting: Allow executives to understand the true incremental impact of marketing, both as a whole and by channel, region, SKU, etc.
  • Budget allocation: Inform budget allocation decisions across marketing channel.
  • Campaign optimization: Within each channel, understand which campaigns, creatives, and keywords are working better for which SKUs or Geos. This allows you to look at each channel so the marketing team can optimize their tactics.
  • Full-funnel attribution: Understand marketing’s impact across the entire customer journey. For example, free account signup to paid conversion and beyond.
  • Partner evaluations: Evaluate effectiveness of agencies and partners, based on attribution results.

Additional features

Attribution AI also offers integration with other Adobe solutions such as Customer Journey Analytics. This enables you to use these solutions to utilize the customizable algorithmic model to evaluate media performance and provide analytical insights.

Next steps

You can begin by following the getting started guide. This guide walks you through setting up all the required pre-requests for Attribution AI. If you already have your credentials and data ready, visit the Attribution AI user guide. This guide walks you through creating an instance and submitting it for training and scoring.

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