Accessing the ECID

The Experience Cloud Identity (ECID) is a persistent identifier for a visitor to your website. In certain circumstances, you might prefer to access the ECID (to send it to a third party, for example).

To access the ECID within tags, Adobe recommends the following:

  1. Ensure your property is configured with rule component sequencing enabled.

  2. Create a new rule.

  3. Add a Library Loaded event to the rule.

  4. Add a Custom Condition action to the rule with the following code (assuming the name you’ve configured for the SDK instance is alloy):

     return alloy("getIdentity")
       .then(function(result) {
         _satellite.setVar("ECID", result.identity.ECID);
  5. Save the rule.

You should then be able to access the ECID in subsequent rules using %ECID% or _satellite.getVar("ECID") like you would any other data element.

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