Activate audience data to streaming profile export destinations


This article explains the workflow required to activate audience data in Adobe Experience Platform streaming profile-based destinations, such as Amazon Kinesis.


To activate data to destinations, you must have successfully connected to a destination. If you haven’t done so already, go to the destinations catalog, browse the supported destinations, and configure the destination that you want to use.

Select your destination

  1. Go to Connections > Destinations, and select the Catalog tab.

    Destination Catalog tab

  2. Select Activate segments on the card corresponding to the destination where you want to activate your segments, as shown in the image below.

    Activate segments button

  3. Select the destination connection that you want to use to activate your segments, then select Next.

    Select destination

  4. Move to the next section to select your segments.

Select your segments

Use the check boxes to the left of the segment names to select the segments that you want to activate to the destination, then select Next.

Select segments

Select profile attributes

Select the profile attributes that you want to send to the target destination.


Adobe Experience Platform prefills your selection with four recommended, commonly used attributes from your schema:,, personalEmail.address, segmentMembership.status.

File exports will vary in the following ways, depending on whether segmentMembership.status is selected:

  • If the segmentMembership.status field is selected, exported files include Active members in the initial full snapshot and Active and Expired members in subsequent incremental exports.
  • If the segmentMembership.status field is not selected, exported files include only Active members in the initial full snapshot and in subsequent incremental exports.

recommended attributes

  1. In the Select attributes page, select Add new field.

    Add new mapping

  2. Select the arrow to the right of the Schema field entry.

    Select source field

  3. In the Select field page, select the XDM attributes that you want to send to the destination, then choose Select.

    Select source field page

  4. To add more mappings, repeat steps 1 to 3, then select Next.


On the Review page, you can see a summary of your selection. Select Cancel to break up the flow, Back to modify your settings, or Finish to confirm your selection and start sending data to the destination.


In this step, Adobe Experience Platform checks for data usage policy violations. Shown below is an example where a policy is violated. You cannot complete the segment activation workflow until you have resolved the violation. For information on how to resolve policy violations, see Policy enforcement in the data governance documentation section.

data policy violation

If no policy violations have been detected, select Finish to confirm your selection and start sending data to the destination.


Verify segment activation

Your exported Experience Platform data lands in your target destination in JSON format. For example, the event below contains the email address profile attribute of an audience that has qualified for a certain segment and exited another segment. The identities for this prospect are ECID and email.

  "person": {
    "email": ""
  "segmentMembership": {
    "ups": {
      "7841ba61-23c1-4bb3-a495-00d3g5fe1e93": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T21:24:39Z",
        "status": "exited"
      "59bd2fkd-3c48-4b18-bf56-4f5c5e6967ae": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T23:37:33Z",
        "status": "existing"
  "identityMap": {
    "ecid": [
        "id": "14575006536349286404619648085736425115"
        "id": "66478888669296734530114754794777368480"
    "email_lc_sha256": [
        "id": "655332b5fa2aea4498bf7a290cff017cb4"
        "id": "66baf76ef9de8b42df8903f00e0e3dc0b7"

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