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This page describes how to authenticate and start using Adobe Experience Platform Destination SDK. It includes instructions on how to obtain Adobe I/O authentication credentials, a sandbox name, and the destination authoring access control permission.


This guide uses Platform-specific concepts, such as organization and sandboxes. Consult the Experience Platform glossary for definitions of these and other terms.

Obtain required authentication credentials

Destination SDK uses the Adobe I/O gateway for authentication. To make API calls to Destination SDK endpoints, you must provide certain headers in your API calls. Work with the Adobe Exchange team to set up authentication for you to the Adobe Developer Console.

To successfully make calls to Destination SDK API endpoints, follow the Experience Platform authentication tutorial. Start the tutorial from the “Generate an API key, organization ID, and client secret” step. The Adobe Exchange team will handle the previous steps for you. Completing the authentication tutorial provides the values for each of the required headers in Destination SDK API calls, as shown below:

  • x-api-key: {API_KEY}, also referred to as Client ID
  • x-gw-ims-org-id: {ORG_ID}, also referred to as Organization ID
  • Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}. The access token has an expiration time of 24 hours, expressed in milliseconds, so you will have to refresh it. To refresh the access token, repeat the steps outlined in the authentication tutorial.

Destination ownership and sandboxes

All resources in Experience Platform are isolated to specific virtual sandboxes. Requests to Destination SDK require headers that specify the name of the sandbox the operation takes place in:

  • x-sandbox-name: {SANDBOX_NAME}

The Adobe Exchange team provides you with your sandbox name, which you are required to use in calls to the Destination SDK API endpoints.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

To use the Destination SDK API endpoints described in the reference documentation, you need the Destination Authoring access control permission. Work with the Adobe Exchange team to get this permission assigned to you in Adobe Admin Console.

Destination Authoring permission

For more information, read the following Experience Platform Access Control documents:

Additional considerations

  • For productized/public destinations, any changes that you make to destination configurations, whether you create or edit a destination configuration, need to be reviewed and approved by Adobe. Your changes are reflected in your destinations only after the review is done. This does not apply to private destinations which are only available to you.
  • Only the users that belong to the same organization and have access to the sandbox can edit the destination configuration.

Next steps

By following the steps in this article, you obtained authentication credentials to Adobe I/O, a sandbox name, and the destination authoring access control permission. Next, you can set up a destination using Destination SDK.

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