Manage details and additional services for a product profile

You can configure a profile’s details and access to additional services from within the Profile Settings menu. To access the menu, click Settings from the Product Profile page.


The Profile Settings menu appears, starting on the Details tab. This tab allows you to input and edit your profile name and description. You can also modify your display name as well as the email notification settings for your account.


Click Services to access the Services page.


The Services menu allows you to modify a profile’s access to additional Platform services that were initially configured when the profile was created. Depending on your Platform subscription, these services can include:

  • Data Science Workspace
  • Query Service
  • Real-Time Customer Data Platform UI (For Real-time CDP only)

Click the toggle on the right side of a particular service to enable or disable it. You can also click the All on checkbox to enable or disable all listed services.

When finished, click Save.


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