Create a new product profile

To start creating a new profile, navigate to the Product Profiles tab and click New Profile.


The Create New Profile dialog appears, prompting you to enter a profile name and description for the new profile. If you want the profile’s display name to be different, uncheck Same as Profile Name and enter the display name in the text box that appears. Under User Notifications, you can toggle whether users will be notified by email when they are added or removed from the profile.

When finished, click Next.


The next screen prompts you to choose which Platform services to include in the profile. Click the toggle button next to a service to disable it. If a service is disabled, all functions associated with that service will not be available to users assigned to this product profile. When finished, click Done.


The new product profile is successfully created, and you are redirected to the profile’s edit permissions page. See the sections on managing permissions and managing users for more details on how to manage product profiles once they are created.

Next steps

With a new product profile created, you can proceed to the next step to manage permissions for a product profile

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