Release Notes for Feature Pack 201809

Last update: 2021-06-21
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It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Screens provides maintenance support for AEM 6.3 Screens platform.

The AEM Screens released AEM 6.4.2 Feature Pack 2 and AEM 6.3.3 Feature Pack 4 with the following details.

Release Date

The Release Date for AEM Screens Feature Pack 201809 is October 01, 2018.

What’s New

  • Adobe Analytics Proof of Play Reporting: Please refer to Adobe Analytics Integration with AEM Screens to learn more.

  • Adobe Analytics Enable Players to cache and send playback events to Adobe Analytics: Please refer to Configuring Adobe Analytics with AEM Screens to learn more.

  • Bulk Update Offline Content: Allows you to update all the channel in bulk and avoids the hassle of navigating to a particular channel and update the content. Please refer to Bulk Offline Update to learn more.

  • Bulk publish channels to publish instances

  • Enhanced Player Logging Mechanism: You can specify the number of maximum log files for an AEM Screens player. Please refer to Working with an AEM Screens Player for more details.

  • Author / Publish deployment (Hardening)

Released AEM Screens Players

The following AEM Screens Players are released for AEM 6.4.2 Feature Pack 2 and AEM 6.3.3 Feature Pack 4:

  • ChromeOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

AEM Screens Player Downloads

To download the latest AEM Screens player and learn more about the bug fixes, please refer to AEM Screens Player Downloads.

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