Authoring with Data Triggers

This section highlights how to enable targeting in your channels.


The minimum version that supports data triggers in an AEM Screens channel is AEM 6.5.3 Feature Pack 3.


Before you follow the steps below to enable targeting in channels, you must learn the Key Terms in Configuring in AEM Screens required for understanding ContextHub and Targeting in AEM Screens.


It is recommended that you understand and set up ContextHub configurations, before enabling targeting in an AEM Screens channel.

Follow the links below for more information:

  1. Setting up Data Store
  2. Setting up Audience Segmentation

Once you have completed the preceding steps, you are ready to enable targeting in your channels.

Authoring with Data Triggers Overview

Enabling Targeting in an AEM Screens Channel

Follow the steps below to enable targeting in your channels.

  1. Navigate to one of the AEM Screens channel. The following steps demonstrate how to enable targeting by using DataDrivenRetail (sequence channel) created in an AEM Screens Channel.

  2. Select the channel DataDrivenRetail and click Properties from the action bar.


  3. Select the Personalization tab to setup the ContextHub configurations and select the ContextHub and Segments path.

    1. Select the ContextHub Path as libs > settings > cloudsettings > default > ContextHub Configurations and click Select.

    2. Select the Segments Path as conf > We.Retail > settings > wcm > segments and click Select.

    3. Click Save & Close.


    Use the ContextHub and the Segments path, where you initially saved your context hub configurations and segments.


  4. Navigate and select the DataDrivenRetail from DataDrivenAssets > Channels and click Edit from the action bar. Drag and drop the assets in your channel editor.


    If you have set up everything correctly, you will see Targeting option in the drop-down from the editor, as shown in the figure below.


  5. Click Targeting.

  6. Select Brand and the Activity from the drop-down menu and click Start Targeting.

Learn More: Example Use Cases

After you have configured ContextHub for your AEM Screens project, you can follow the different Use Cases to understand how data triggered assets plays a vital role in different industries:

  1. Retail Inventory Targeted Activation
  2. Travel Center Temperature Activation
  3. Hospitality Reservation Activation

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